Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Perfect Carmel Roll!

OK so Bobby made these Carmel rolls and could not help but be amazed how well they turned out. The last time he tried to make Carmel rolls they turned out mediocre, but this time, pure perfection. They looked so good (good enough to eat, and we have been), and had the perfect swirls and Carmel that never ends. To top it all off they even came out of the pan without even sticking. For those of you who have made Carmel rolls before you may think this whole ordeal is nuts, but if you have ever had trouble perfecting them like Bobby has, you will understand. There is a picture included so that you can all enjoy the perfection along with us. It is the simple accomplishments and enjoyments in life that God has blessed us with that make life a never ending adventure.


Debbie said...

The picture is great but don't you think you should share if you are going to get our mouth watering.

Susan said...

Too bad we don't have smellization (not really a word probably) computers, and a way to taste online (-: They look GREAT!!!!

Drifters said...

Bobby they look wonderful...we can almost smell them way in AZ. When we get home you will have to make some for us to sample.

Kim said...

Yummmm! Nice work! Love the pregnancy thing on the bottom.

Joy said...

Oh, I have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard...they look THAT GOOD!

Dawn said...

So wonderful that you have started blogging also. I will be fund to be able to watch the girls grow and feel like I am not clear across the country.

Lots of love, Aunt Dawn

Stacie said...

So I would like to know why we are the last ones to find out about this! You are both in so much trouble! ;-p JK. Love you! The carmel rolls look great--wish I had the energy to make some because they look really good!

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