Friday, December 12, 2008

So yesterday we celebrated our middle child's 2nd birthday. We had fun, we went to McDonald's and eat and let them play in the play place.

Then after supper we had cake. She even blew out the candles by herself.(it was very cute)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookie Baking Fun!

So today we spent the evening baking some cookies. The girls had lots of fun using the cookie cutters and eating the dough.

The finished product!

Enjoying the yummy cookies!

Here's our youngest sitting up and playing with the toys.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello everyone! I know we haven't written in a long time but we have been busy. Our oldest daughter (a.k.a. "S") just turned 3 and she has really grown up. "S" is half potty trained, she has the #1 pretty much down but the #2 is a struggle. She is at the age that she loves to pretend so it is fun to watch her play. Our middle daughter (a.k.a. "H") is alomost 2 and she sure has the atitude to go with it. She loves to color and to get into trouble, life is always busy at this house. Our youngest daughter (a.k.a. "A") is 6 months now and she is changing all of the time. She sits up pretty much by herself, she loves her veggies and oatmeal. She still doesn't sleep through the night but it is never hard to put her back to sleep, so it's not so bad. Bobby is still working for UPS in the evenings and for the past 4 months he has been working for Target as well. So Bobby keeps pretty busy with work, especialy now that it is Christmas time. We are currently living in Bobby's parent's basement. Yes, we did have an appartment at one time but we thought we were going to move into our own house so we moved out of the appartment. So now we are praying and trying to figure out what is the next step. And just to let you all know, we hope to keep up with the blogging world once again.